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Frequently Asked Questions

Below you'll find many of our most frequently asked questions. Click on any question to reveal the answer. If you can't find what you're looking for, please send your question to rrenko@whmi.com.

How do I get started?

Research our website to answer your basic questions. Contact our Sales Manager, Richard Renko, at rrenko@whmi.com. He will have one of our marketing professionals meet with you personally. After finding out what your goals and expectations are, we can put together a custom plan for your business. Once you agree on the advertising program, you will work with our creative department. With your input, we will create a commercial that effectively tells your story.

What are the most frequent mistakes advertisers make?

  • Not having the right level of focus and commitment.
  • Throwing in the towel before the advertising can work.
  • Not having clear goals and expectations.

What is the best way to advertise?

Unless you're having a special event, advertise your products or services on a consistent basis to receive the greatest long-term benefits.

How long does it take for advertising to begin working?

This depends on what you are selling and the offer you are making. If you tell people to come visit you to receive a free $100 bill, you'll probably have a traffic jam outside your business within minutes. Otherwise, advertising takes as much time as the consumer buying cycle dictates.

Who makes my commercial?

We will. This is our specialty. Your account executive will connect you with our Creative Director. Just as a tailor or seamstress would customize your clothing, we will customize the wording of your message. We will produce your commercial in our state-of-the-art production studio at no additional charge.

What should I say in my commercial?

Ask yourself, "What makes me special? Why would someone like to do business with me? Why am I a better choice than my competitor?" Take a look at your strengths. Our goal is to tell your story and help you get your fair and maybe even unfair share of the market's dollars. Do not worry about addresses or phone numbers. People do not retain those. If you have a website, direct them to your website where they can find your address and phone number.

How much does the advertising cost?

There are too many variables involved to give you an exact dollar amount. Pricing will vary depending on the length of your commercial. Commercials are either 60 seconds or 30 seconds in length. Other variables are when, where, and how often the commercial airs. Your account executive can show you a specific radio plan and show you exact pricing to fit your advertising budget.

Do you have packages or specials?

We do not sell advertising as "specials" or "packages." We pride ourselves on customizing the right radio plan for your business. We do have special promotional opportunities throughout the year, which an account executive can show you.

I'm a retailer. What's best for me?

It all depends on whether you are looking for transactional or relational customers. Quick one or two day sale commercials attract the transactional buyer and require higher frequency. Steady, consistent, yet repetitive advertising will bring the relational buyer.

I'm NOT a retailer. What's best for me?

The right message delivered consistently. Even if you're in a service industry, consumers will need to hear about your services throughout the year.

I'm having an event. How should I advertise?

Heavy advertising works best for event marketing. Eight to twelve commercials a day for a minimum of five days prior to an event.

What is a positioning statement?

A positioning statement tells everyone what your position is in the marketplace and what makes you special. It is what separates you from your competitor. A WHMI account executive can assist you in creating your positioning statement.

Do you do events where you come out to my business?

It depends on the nature of your business or event. Traditionally, a radio commercial program is strategically scheduled to run prior to your event and a "live appearance" might be a part of the program.

What is image advertising?

Advertising that creates a dominant, positive image of your business in a specific category. You're not trying to immediately sell a bunch of widgets; your goal is to create a mental picture for consumers to draw upon and recall when they need your product or service.

What is branding?

Branding occurs when you consistently and frequently implant a memory that's already attached to another memory in the consumer's mind.

How does a buying cycle affect my business?

A buying cycle affects your business because you never know at which stage a consumer may be. Consumers may not need your bike, glassware, financial advice, or insurance today. However, they may need them tomorrow, next month, or even a year from now. If you consistently advertise, you will be able to see the consumer from the beginning stage all the way through to the point of purchase.

I advertised once and it didn't work. Why should it work this time?

Radio advertising will always work if you have the right plan, the right message, and the right expectations. The marketing professionals at WHMI can make sure you have the right plan and message to make your advertising work this time.

How can I guarantee success?

Have a clear idea of what you want for your business. Commit to consistent advertising. Be sure to make good on your advertising promises to your customers. Over-deliver and super-serve them when they come into your place of business.