Frequently Asked Questions

Where is WHMI located?

The WHMI studios are at 1277 Parkway Drive in Genoa Township, just south of Grand River and one-half mile east of Latson Road. A virtual tour of our studios is available on our home page or by clicking here. WHMI's 372 foot tower is located in Howell Township.

Is a group tour of WHMI available?

Yes. WHMI has an attractive and interesting facility and welcomes youth and other groups of up to 12 people. Tours are conducted during regular business hours M-F 8:30-5. Typically scout tours begin around 4-4:15 and last approximately 45 minutes. To schedule your group's tour, contact WHMI at 517-546-0860. For a virtual tour of the station, visit our station tour page.

What is WHMI's coverage area?

WHMI covers the Livingston County area, our signal generally reaching Novi to the east, Flint to the north, East Lansing/Okemos to the west, and northern Ann Arbor to the south. Our listening area map shows our approximate coverage area.

How much power does WHMI run?

WHMI transmits with a power of 5,200 watts from an antenna 354 feet high.

Why doesn't WHMI increase power?

WHMI already operates with the maximum power and antenna height allowed by the Federal Communications Commission. The FCC regulates the power, antenna height, and location of all FM stations to minimize any interference they may cause each other. WHMI will always operate with the maximum power allowed by the FCC.

Occasionally I experience poor reception. Does WHMI ever change its power?

No. WHMI operates 24/7 at the same power. However, certain weather conditions can occasionally affect the reception of FM stations. Fog or haze is usually an indicator that the right combination of atmospheric conditions (humidity, wind, and ground/air temperature differences) may be present to allow FM signals to travel much farther than they normally do. This causes stations to interfere with each other. Stations that have been known to interfere with WHMI are WBCT, 93.7, Grand Rapids; CBCL, 93.5, London, Ontario; WRQN, 93.5, Bowling Green, Ohio; WRCL, 93.7, Frankenmuth; and WKQZ, 93.3, Midland. Stations are affected differently depending on location, direction, frequency, and power; and the severity of the interference can vary from hardly noticeable to annoyingly strong. These abnormal conditions tend to occur at the beginning and end of the summer months, usually in the morning, and luckily are infrequent.

What can I do to improve reception?

1) Always make sure that any external antenna (indoor or roof) is aimed at our tower, about three miles north of Howell. At most locations in the Livingston County area, a rooftop TV antenna pointed at Detroit or Lansing TV stations won't also be pointed at WHMI and quality reception may be impaired.

2) Large commercial and industrial buildings with steel structural elements can often interfere with reception. Place your radio or antenna near windows and/or minimize the number of walls between your radio or antenna and our tower.

3) Indoor and portable radios vary widely in quality. You usually get what you pay for. A digital frequency display is always a plus.

4) Most automotive radios are quite good, however antennas are another matter. A vertical "whip" antenna always works best.

5) And . . . the WHMI stream is always available everywhere. Click on "Listen Live!" on our website. A mobile app can be downloaded from our stream player.

How long has WHMI been on the air?

WHMI began as an AM station in 1957. WHMI began simulcasting on AM-1350 and FM-93.5 in 1977. The AM signal, which was inferior to the FM signal, was silenced in 1995. Since then WHMI has been solely on FM.

What do WHMI's call letters stand for?

Originally the "HMI" stood for "Heart of Michigan," a nickname for this area that has almost disappeared. For several years in the '90s we liked to say that "HMI" stood for "Hit Music and Information." Either way, our heritage call letters stand for local and live broadcasting to the Livingston County area for over fifty years.

Who owns WHMI?

Since 2015, WHMI has been owned and operated by Krol Communications Inc, with President Rod Krol. WHMI is a rare, independent, locally owned and operated radio station.

How can I advertise on WHMI?

Contact our General Sales Manager Rich Renko at (517) 546-0860 or For a complete overview, visit our Radio Gets Results site.

When can I hear school closings on WHMI? Can I call WHMI to find out about school closings?

Please do not call the station for school closings. On bad mornings the studio and newsroom are incredibly busy receiving and delivering official information. We simply cannot talk to every person one at a time. In the morning, WHMI features all area closings in alphabetical order. WHMI will also post the closings as quickly as possible on After 9:00am, major closings, cancellations, and other breaking news will be featured in the top-of-the-hour local newscast. Updates of general community cancellations are broadcast at half-past the hour.

How can I contact the person who is on the air right now?

Call our studio line: (517) 546-9935.

How can I get community information that I heard on the air?

Call our studio line: (517) 546-9935.

How can I get information about a business whose ad I heard on the air?

Go to the WHMI Advertiser Directory on our home page or visit our directory Advertiser Directory.

How can I give WHMI a news tip?

The WHMI news tip line is 1-800-935-T I P S. You can also email your information to, or fax WHMI at 517-546-1758.

How can I call in a traffic tip?

The WHMI tip line is 1-800-935-T I P S. Verizon cell customers can dial # 0 9 3 5.

How can I give WHMI birthday or anniversary information?

Go to the Contest Tab at, click:
"Birthdays and Anniversaries," input your information and
hit "Review Announcement."

You may also click this link:

How can I enter the Workplace of the Day Contest?

Call the studio at 517-546-9935, fax to 517-546-1758, or email to

How can I get a community announcement on WHMI?

Fax to 517-546-1758, or email to, or

Can a student job shadow at WHMI?

Job shadows are possible, but WHMI feels it's very important for this activity be coordinated between school administrators and WHMI management. A job shadow would likely consist of a group of several students receiving a tour of the broadcast facility, a description of equipment and employee responsibilities, and a studio visit. The length of the activity would be approximately 1-2 hours and is available to a limited number of serious students. School administrators should contact WHMI Program Director Mike Scott at 517-546-0860, or email to

Does WHMI use interns?

WHMI occasionally invites serious students to intern, primarily in the news department. However, other interests in broadcasting will be considered. Interest should be expressed to WHMI Office Manager at 517-546-0860.

How can I have WHMI broadcast at my event?

There is an advertising schedule required in support of the remote. Call General Sales Manager Rich Renko for cost information and availability at 517-546-0860. You can email him at