Polls are open today in select Livingston County locations for a variety of ballot proposals effecting residents in the Byron, Fenton and Whitmore Lake public school districts as well as the Washtenaw County ISD.

The election for Byron Area Schools, which include Precinct 2 in Cohoctah and Deerfield townships, is for a Sinking Fund Millage Renewal that would be used for the construction or repair of school buildings. Fenton Area Public Schools, which include Precincts 2 & 3 in Tyrone Township, also has a Sinking Fund Millage for the construction or repair of school buildings, for school security improvements and for the acquisition or upgrading of technology.

Elections are also being held for Whitmore Lake Public Schools and Washtenaw ISD, which include Green Oak Township, Precincts 3 & 8, and Hamburg Township, Precinct 4. The Whitmore Lake vote is a Millage Proposal to Provide Funds to Operate a System of Public Recreation, while the Washtenaw ISD election is a $53.2 million dollar bond issue that would demolish and rebuild a school for special-needs students just west of Ann Arbor. Polls are open until 8pm. (JK)