By Jon King /

Michigan House Speaker Jason Wentworth has no plans to discipline Milford Republican Matt Maddock and will seat him for the upcoming session that begins today.

A spokesman for the Clare Republican confirmed that via email with the Michigan Advance following calls for Maddock to resign his State House seat after he and his wife, incoming Michigan GOP Co-Chair Meshawn Maddock, traveled to Washington, D.C., last week and addressed a rally the day before an insurrection attempt was carried out by a pro-Trump mob at the U.S. Capitol building in which five people, including a police officer died.

The Michigan House is set to meet today for the first session of the year amid heightened security threats at the U.S. Capitol and statehouses across the nation by far-right radicals. House Minority Leader Donna Lasinski, a Scio Township Democrat, repeated her call for Wentworth to investigate Maddock and discipline him, if necessary, while the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee called on Wentworth to ask for Maddock’s resignation. However, Andrew “Rocky” Raczkowski, Oakland County Republican Party chair, told the Advance he didn’t think Maddock should resign or be reprimanded, saying he did not believe Maddock participated in last week’s insurrection.

The Maddocks have been at the forefront of efforts to cast doubt on Michigan’s election results despite more than 60 lawsuits alleging mass voter fraud being dismissed by courts across the country, including in Michigan, all concluding that the claims being made were without merit. Following last week’s attack on the Capitol, both have officially condemned the violence, yet according to the Detroit Free Press, have also joined a far-right Facebook group where members are openly speaking about civil war in advance of next week’s inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden.

Meshawn Maddock also helped to organize several busloads of Michigan residents to Washington D.C. for last week’s rally that preceded the attack on the Capitol. She is set to become the co-chair of the Michigan Republican party next month, although there have been calls from within her own party that she step down because of her connection to last week’s events.