By Jon King /

The woman set to become state co-chair of the Michigan Republican Party is drawing fire from within the party after it was learned she helped to organize busloads of Trump supporters who traveled to the Capitol in Washington, D.C. for a Wednesday protest that turned into a riot.

The Detroit Free Press reports that Meshawn Maddock, who is married to Milford Republican State Rep. Matt Maddock, will become co-chair at the state party’s convention next month. But after Maddock tweeted that the group of supporters that later stormed the Capitol were "the most incredible crowd and sea of people I’ve ever walked with," Republican activist Dennis Lennox called on her to withdraw her candidacy. Lennox said that if Maddock refused, the convention should suspend its rules and elect someone else. Authorities say Capitol Police shot one woman to death, and three other people died from medical emergencies during the rioting.