Jessica Mathews /

A Howell Township Trustee continues to raise issues about what he maintains is a safety hazard and public nuisance on Brewer Road that’s been going on for years.

Trustee Bob Wilson says the situation involves a property on Brewer Road where the owner has their rain gutters plumbed to a pipe that is directed at the road – resulting in various problems and safety concerns. There’s also no ditch.

Wilson noted it’s an all-year issue with water keeping the road wet at all times, resulting in very large and very deep potholes with water in them at all times – which is occurring at the very top of a hill that should be dry. Further, he says people have to drive on the wrong side of the road – citing at least one roll-over accident from a vehicle that slipped on ice.

An email from Wilson further detailing the issue is attached, portions of which have been redacted. He noted the photos were taken one week after rainfall.

Wilson offered a few suggestions, including having the township take action against the property owner to move the drain pipe, redirect the discharge from the gutters, and resolve the issue.

A memo from the township in regards to a complaint from Wilson about the issue last July states the Livingston County Road Commission looked into the matter and found that any water coming from the gutters is discharged onto the property and is outside of the road right-of-way, and therefore outside of their jurisdiction.

Supervisor Mike Coddington told WHMI as requested, the item is on the agenda for Monday night's board meeting. He says the board will have a discussion on what the options are. The board meets at 6:30pm at the Township Hall off Byron Road.