Jessica Mathews /

A new report has been released regarding disability needs in Livingston County.

The Abilities Alliance is a workgroup of the Livingston Human Services Collaborative Body - a coalition of disability service organizations that strive to provide the most effective services for all abilities in the community.

The Abilities Alliance sends out a survey every other year to understand needs, identify service gaps and gather information from Livingston County. The survey was open to any Livingston County community member with a disability. Support persons, caregivers, parents, or providers were encouraged to help the individual(s) complete the survey.

Livingston County residents with disabilities were surveyed in early 2022 in order to gather data for this assessment of needs.

Workgroup Chair Katie Oswald is with the Full Spectrum Agency for Autistic Adults. She said difficulty finding in-home and personal care assistants, not having adequate supports and resources to live independently, and a lack of social and recreational activities were among the most reported unmet needs.

Information regarding utilization of local services and supports, barriers and additional unmet needs was also gathered.

The Abilities Alliance workgroup continues to raise awareness about inclusion and accessibility for people of all abilities in Livingston County. Officials say the needs survey is an important part of understanding what services people need most in the community and they’ll continue to learn from community members and encourage others to take steps toward greater inclusion.

The report and survey results are attached.