By Jon King /

A Howell nurse appointed to a local health board Monday night by the Livingston County Board of Commissioners will not be able to remain in that position if she wins her race for Howell City Council in November.

Lee Ann Blazejewski, a nurse who is also currently running for Howell City Council, was appointed by an 8-1 vote to serve on Livingston County’s Department of Health and Human Services Board. The board reviews and submits recommendations on contracts involving programs administered by the Department of Health and Human Service including Adoption Services, Adult Community Placement, Family Preservation, Foster Care Placement, Juvenile Justice Services and Protective Services. It also represents the Board of Commissioners in all negotiations between Livingston County and state health officials and makes annual policy recommendations on behalf of Livingston County for things like employment programs, work training projects, and other related issues.

However, as clearly stated on the board’s own website, members are “appointed from persons residing within the county and not holding an elective office.” That would indicate that if Blazejewski wins her council race in November, she would need to either resign that seat, or her position on the MDHHS board.

An email seeking comment on why an appointment was given to someone who might not be able to serve more than a couple of months has been sent to Livingston County Board Chair Wes Nakagiri, who nominated Blazejewski. WHMI has also sought comment from Blazejewski.