Local public safety officials are informing the community of a new, free service that provides alerts regarding life safety information to Livingston County residents.

Officials say 2017 brought some positive changes to Livingston County and the way they communicate with citizens during emergencies. One such change is the newly installed Citizens Alerting System, which has the ability to send real time emergency information directly to an individual’s cell phone, home phone, or email. The system will be activated when an imminent safety event is identified within the county, such as a tornado warning. When the alert is initiated, the system will automatically contact all landlines using automated voice messages. Landlines are automatically enrolled in the new system, but those who would like to receive notifications via cell phone or email will need to create an online profile through the Livingston County Emergency Management webpage. Residents can “unregister” at any time.

Informational flyers about the new Citizens Alerting System are attached. (JM)