Dan Martin / news@whmi.com

The Michigan House has approved State Representative Dale Zorn’s bill to reduce regulations affecting tow truck companies that assist stranded drivers and hazardous road obstructions. The Michigan Vehicle Code limits the weight that certain vehicles can place on roads.

As it currently stands, when a wrecker must tow above their weight restriction, they need to get a permit from the local road agency. According to a press release, Zorn says that “since towing vehicles are usually providing service during times of emergency, the state should reduce unnecessary paperwork that can slow them down and lead to unsafe wait times.”

“Weight limit exemptions already exist for emergency vehicles and several other types of essential heavyweight delivery vehicles,” Zorn said. “Wreckers are a serious asset to public safety; they should certainly be extended those same exemptions.”

Zorn’s bill, called House Bill 4028, would exempt wreckers from those restrictions when towing or traveling to and from a disabled vehicle. The bill received bipartisan, unanimous support in the House and now moves to be considered by the state Senate.