A former Howell City Councilman has entered a plea on a pair of charges stemming from a domestic altercation.

31-year-old Andrew Yost was in 53rd District Court for a probable cause conference Thursday. He pleaded guilty to one reduced count of attempted interference with electronic communications, a misdemeanor punishable by up to one year in jail and domestic violence, a 93 day misdemeanor. The domestic violence plea was offered under a first-offender provision of the statute, where the conviction is deferred and non-public so long as he complies with all the terms and conditions of probation. Yost has submitted his resignation to Howell City Council, which is expected to be accepted at their next regular meeting.

The incidents happened on August 13th at his home, when Yost got into an altercation with his father. Yost described the incident to District Court Judge Carol Sue Reader, admitting to forcibly putting his hands on his father’s shoulders in attempt to stop him from calling the police.

Yost’s attorney asked for sentencing to take place at today’s conference. The prosecuting attorney asked that it not, so that a pre-sentence investigation could be performed. Judge Reader granted the request, wanting to see further information herself.

Sentencing is scheduled for October 2nd. Yost and his attorney declined to comment. (MK)