By Jessica Mathews /

Interior work continues at the new Oceola Community Center.

The Oceola Township Board met virtually Tuesday night and an update was provided on how work is progressing at the new center located at 1661 North Latson Road. The building will feature an indoor walking track, fitness rooms with treadmills and exercise equipment, locker rooms with showers, and three full sized courts that can be used for basketball, volleyball or pickleball. It will also serve as the new home of the Howell Senior Center.

The township is partnering with the Howell Area Parks and Recreation Authority on the venture. A lease agreement is not yet complete but should be in place before April.

It was stated during the meeting that the walking track is being installed and wood floors are being sanded, with most of the carpet and painting done. It was noted that crews are trying to finish up the elevators and are also hanging electrical fixtures and lighting in the foyer area.

Trustee Sean Dunleavy commented that it looks beautiful and everything is really coming together.

Once work has mostly wrapped up a cleaning crew will be called in. Everything was described as extremely dusty and it was stated that job alone would probably take a week. It’s anticipated that work will likely be done closer to the end of March.

Meanwhile, the board further discussed signage and different options, costs and fonts for the new building. A 10-foot sign will read Oceola Community Center, Howell Parks & Recreation and then feature the township logo. A special meeting is expected to be scheduled to approve final signage and the lease.

Information about the new center can be found through the provided link.