Jessica Mathews /

Livingston County's resident weather-guessing woodchuck will take center stage tomorrow morning for her 24th annual Groundhog Day prediction at the Howell Conference & Nature Center.

A ceremony and events are planned to see if Woody the Woodchuck will see her shadow or embrace the possibility of an early spring.

The event also offers an opportunity to share information about the Center and the animals it cares for, which are educational and ambassadors for their species. Knowledgeable wildlife staff will talk about groundhogs and why they’re so important in the area and to the local ecosystem.

In addition to Woody’s prediction and various activities, a costume contest is planned - which is always a popular draw with visitors dressed up to represent spring, winter, or whatever they deem fitting.

Thursday’s event is free and geared toward all ages. Festivities start at 7:30am, with Woody’s prediction at 8:30am.

Madison from WHMI’s Bosh & Madison in the Morning will be broadcasting live starting at 8am.

A link to register for the event is provided.