A South Lyon woman who attacked officers after being arrested for drunk driving is heading to trial.

Alexandra Paige was arrested just after midnight on February 23rd when she was pulled over near Martindale Road and Ten Mile Road for speeding. Police say she failed a field sobriety test after the officer detected alcohol on her breath. After being taken to the station and asked to remove her jewelry and hair clips, the police report states she proceeded to also remove her pants and exposed herself. She began struggling with officers, and after being handcuffed again, kicked an assisting officer in the groin twice, despite being ordered to stop.

Paige then said she needed to use the restroom, and was uncuffed to use one in a cell. Police returned to find her with her arm in the toilet, trying to the clog it with the toilet roll, which resulted in the cell floor being flooded with a quarter inch of water. Police say that while being booked, Paige indicated she was an engineer who worked on seat belt systems for police cars and the she would make them fail. She also allegedly indicated that she wished officers would be shot in the head and/or run over while working, and suggested that they were going to rape her.

In court on Wednesday, Paige waived her preliminary exam and was bound over to Oakland County Circuit Court on three charges; one for operating while intoxicated, and two for Assaulting/Resisting/and Obstructing a Police Officer. She’ll be arraigned there on April 18th. Paige was also invoiced $190 for plumbing repairs to the toilet. (JK)