Jessica Mathews /

Voters in the Cities of Wixom and South Lyon will decide council races and some proposals in Tuesday’s General Election.

Voters in the City of South Lyon will elect a new mayor and three council seats.

Current Mayor Dan Pelchat is not seeking another term. Current City Councilman Steve Kennedy and newcomer Jacob McLeod are seeking the seat. In the City Council race, two incumbents Margaret Kurtzweil and Lisa Dilg are being challenged by candidates Thad Bogert and Jean Dendel.

In the City of Wixom, Mayor Patrick Beagle is running unopposed. Three council seats are also up for grabs. Incumbents Peter Behrman, Keenan Gottschall, and Robert Smiley are being challenged by Jeanette Wareham.

Also in the City of Wixom, voters will decide some charter amendment changes.

The various proposals include a request to change all gender-specific terminology in the Charter to gender-neutral terms. The proposal states the City Charter currently contains gender-specific terminology throughout and every pronoun is masculine. Other proposed amendments are related to language to coincide with current practices, as well as a safety path and sidewalk millage renewal.

The City of Wixom maintains a dedicated millage to construct, maintain, repair, and rehabilitate safety paths and sidewalks to promote pedestrian safety and mobility around town. The current Safety Path & Sidewalk millage ended on June 30th and a renewal is being requested to continue the safety path and sidewalk work made possible by the millage.

More information and the full ballot language can be accessed in the provided links.