Part of Winans Lake Road is slated for road work this coming construction season – marking much faster completion of a larger project than originally anticipated.

Voters in Hamburg Township approved a road millage in 2016. Since then, the Livingston County Road Commission has been working with Hamburg Township to complete various projects.

Managing Director Mike Craine tells WHMI this past year, they were able to complete 80% of Hamburg Township’s five year millage plan for roads. Craine says they were able to get great prices and contractors, and Hamburg came up with additional funds. The upcoming work to be done is the last piece of the millage on Winans Lake Road between Chilson and Hamburg Road. Craine says it’s exciting because the township will really have delivered a five-year-program in two years.

Craine says there could be further projects on local roads during the upcoming season as the pavement preservation program generates a lot of roadwork but traditionally many townships don’t start picking projects until March or so. (JM)