A long time law enforcement officer with ties to Livingston County has written a book focusing on the lighter side of the profession.

William Lenaghan spent 50 years in Public Safety over a myriad of jobs across the state from Canton to Mackinac Island, including time as the Operations Manager for Livingston County 911 and with the Sheriff's Office Cold Case Unit. He now resides in the Brighton area. Lenaghan has recently penned a book, “BAKER 1 in SERVICE: A Lighter Side of Law Enforcement,” inspired by the comical outtakes he experienced in the profession from the late 1960s through the early 21st century. Lenaghan shares funny stories from breaking up family fights with frying pans involved to dealing with broken carriages in a procession containing a vice president on Mackinac Island.

While the book focuses on the more human side of police officers, it also takes a look at how the profession has changed, and how society sees law enforcement officers. Lenaghan shares stories of community-oriented policing, and when applied properly, how it can help police be seen as strong advocates for the community, versus a pariah not to be trusted.

The book, “BAKER 1 in Service: A Lighter Side of Law Enforcement” can be found online on Amazon and at BarnesAndNoble.com. To hear more stories and policing ideas and theories from Lenaghan, tune in to WHMI’s Viewpoint, Sunday morning at 8:30, when he will be the special guest. (MK)