By Jessica Mathews /

A new program is being offered by Whitmore Lake Public Schools for elementary students.

Parents of elementary students can add a tuition-free, multi-age Montessori magnet program to their list of school options thanks to a new program. It’s available as a school of choice option and is currently open to kindergarten through 3rd grade students looking for a unique approach to public education. Families from Washtenaw and Livingston Counties and surrounding communities are eligible to enroll in the program that is located on the district’s campus at 8845 Main Street.

Superintendent Tom DeKeyser said in their traditional classrooms, they meet children where they are and help them grow accordingly. He says the multi-age Montessori approach is child-centered too so when looking to expand options for the families in their region, offering this program just made sense.

Experts from nearby Go Like the Wind Montessori School helped get the program up and running, including Director of Education Karen Barney who is also helping oversee the magnet program. In Montessori education, students move through core curricula such as language arts, math, and geometry along with science, cultural studies, and geography at their own pace. Specials like music, gym, art, and Spanish are integrated as well. Students follow the same academic calendar and daily schedule as all Whitmore Lake Elementary students.

The district plans on expanding the program to include a fourth grade for the 2022/2023 school year.

More information about the new program is available in the attached press release.