Motorists in the Green Oak Township area should brace themselves for a lengthy closure as part of a roundabout reconstruction project.

The overall goal of the project, in addition to restoring pavement integrity, is to correct a crash pattern in which people are turning the wrong way from the wrong lane. The middle lane at the Whitmore Lake Road roundabout will be eliminated so there will just be two circulating lanes in the roundabouts. When the project is finally done, everything that was built as part of the original roundabout project will be completely resurfaced. Due to the amount of traffic in the area, the project has to be done in careful stages. Signs have been put up on the freeway and surface streets to prepare motorists.

Livingston County Road Commission Managing Director Mike Craine says some relatively low impact work has been taking place on the north leg of Whitmore Lake Road but crews will show up big time on Monday. Starting July 9th, there will a complete closure of the Whitmore Lake circle for 15 days. At that time, he says the only movement working at the Whitmore Lake roundabout will be coming southbound on US-23, get off and then go up Old US-23. He says that movement takes place outside the roundabout and will continue to be available for use during the day. Other than that, the entire circle will be closed for 15 days.

Craine says crews will start by taking out the old concrete central island and then pull out some of the other islands. He says they’ve authorized 24-7 work by the contractor to get done if necessary, as that stage must be completed in 15 days. Then around July 23rd, Craine says they’ll enter a final stage where a lot of pavement work will be done. Craine notes there is a lot of concrete to place, which must be left alone to cure at some points in order to move into the next construction stage.

Most of the work after phase two will be in the evenings only but there will still be plenty of detours to access businesses. Craine says Costco can be accessed via Rickett to Maltby Road, but there is also a separate back way in off Maltby Road. Another entrance on Whitmore Lake Road will also be open, but motorists will have to enter from the south. Green Oak Village Place will always remain accessible via US-23.

Information detailing the Lee Road reconstruction project and detours are available on the Road Commission’s website to help people get around. That link is provided. (JM)