By Mike Kruzman /

A wetland survey in the area of a proposed park in Whitmore Lake has been completed.

Roughly 6 years ago, Northfield Township purchased 23-acres in the North Village district in downtown Whitmore Lake with the intention of building a community park space. Multiple visioning sessions have been held over the years and the project, after several false starts, appears to be finally coming together in a way that will meet much of the community’s desires.

The latest step in the process was having a wetland delineation study performed. Township Manager Mark Lloyd filled the Board of Trustees in the results of that study, at a recent meeting. Two small wetlands were identified, one being .46-acres, and the other .07-acres.

Supervisor Ken Dignan was hoping for more clarification because of the size of the wetlands, believing the State doesn’t regulate wetlands under 5-acres. Lloyd said that no matter the size, due to the wetland’s being within 500-feet of the lake, that EGLE will be involved to some extent. He pointed out that having wetlands doesn’t prevent development in the area, as long as the impacts are mitigated or 25 feet away.