If a local fireworks committee can’t find volunteers fast, a popular 4th of July tradition may fall to the wayside.

The Whitmore Lake 4th of July Fireworks Committee is meeting this Friday evening with a difficult decision on their hands. When Northfield Township decided years ago that they were no longer able to budget fireworks for the annual event over the lake, volunteers stepped up. Over time, however, the volunteer committee’s numbers have dwindled down to that of a skeleton crew with not enough hands to do all the work required. In an email to WHMI, the committee said that it was surprising that they were able to pull off this year’s show. At Friday’s meeting, the Fireworks Committee will either elect officers, or vote to dissolve and liquidate assets if their numbers aren’t strong enough. They are asking that anyone that can help in any fashion step up to help save the fireworks. Volunteers are responsible for jobs like securing and loading the fireworks barge, setting up parking, and selling 50/50 tickets.

The meeting begins at 6:30pm, Friday September 14th, on the second floor or the Northfield Township Public Safety Building. (MK)