By Jessica Mathews /

Governor Gretchen Whitmer has announced the further loosening of Michigan’s coronavirus restrictions - easing capacity limits in restaurants and a host of other businesses while also allowing for larger indoor and outdoor gatherings.

Under the latest order; restaurants and bars, now limited to 25% capacity inside, will have a 50% restriction while a 10pm curfew will shift to 11pm. Venues such as movie theaters, bowling alleys, banquet halls and casinos will have higher capacity limits. Families will also be able to visit nursing homes after being tested for COVID-19.

At a press conference Wednesday, Whitmer said the state is headed in the right direction and can begin to re-engage more. She said the order still gives the ability to protect public health as they continue to carefully track variants and continue basing decisions on science and data. The Governor said she’s proud to be able to take his positive step without comprising public health and the re-engagements will enable Michiganders to enjoy more of life’s simplest pleasures that have been disrupted over the past year.

Whitmer commented further that there are now have three safe, effective vaccines on the market to protect people and families from COVID-19 – which is essential to getting the country and the state back to normal.

The revised state order takes effect this Friday. More detailed information is available in the attached press release.