By Jessica Mathews /

Governor Gretchen Whitmer has signed an executive directive to speed up pothole repairs on state trunkline highways.

The Executive Directive calls on The Michigan Department of Transportation to use all available resources, including overtime pay and contracted services, to expedite the repair of road surface, as well as ensure the public can easily report the location of potholes or other issues.

Whitmer said dealing with car damage from driving over potholes is frustrating and they’re kicking it into overdrive, using overtime pay and contractors to get the job done, while they continue broader improvement projects across the state.

State Transportation Director Paul C. Ajegba said potholes are dangerous and damage vehicles and the best way to prevent them is to continue fixing the roads and bridges the right way, the first time. He said when crews aren’t clearing roads from the latest storm; they’ll be out fixing potholes as quickly as possible.

The Executive Directive also directs the Michigan State Police to provide work zone enforcement and other needed support for crews working on road surface repair projects to keep workers, drivers, and passengers safe.

Details are available in the attached press release.