Democratic gubernatorial nominee Gretchen Whitmer was in Brighton earlier today rallying the troops as Election Day draws near.

More than 100 supporters packed the Livingston County Democratic Headquarters in Brighton in anticipation of the candidate’s arrival. This visit was one of 80 that Whitmer is making across the state in these final days leading up to the election.

42nd District nominee Mona Shand led off the event before handing over the stage Attorney General candidate Dana Nessel. Nessel spoke to the crowd about wanting to lift up Whitmer’s policies, and not be an A-G who is trying to tear them down. She also shared her feelings on the importance of cleaning up PFAS, protecting health care, and going after crooked auto insurers.

Secretary of State nominee Jocelyn Benson then warned supporters about how hopeful they felt in the days leading up to the 2016 election, and then to how they felt the day after. She asked if that felt that could have done more, and to not repeat that mistake this election cycle.

It was then that Whitmer took the stage to rally the troops largely behind that theme. She joked with the crowd about how she heard there weren’t many democrats in Livingston County, and later told WHMI about all the local support she’s found. Whitmer said, “I tell you, I have found so many phenomenal allies in Livingston County. And you know, I never look at a map as blue or red; I look at it as a map of Michiganders who need a governor who understands what the issues are and wakes up every morning rolling up her sleeves and (gets) to work to solve them.”

Whitmer said that all the work that’s been done these last 22 months doesn’t hold a candle to what needs to be done in the last few days. With the women’s march, pride parades, immigration rallies, and black lives matters events, she said if they don’t keep their pedal to the medal, none it matters. She told the crowd, “We didn’t come this far, to only get this far.” She urged her supporters to get out there and remind people that who the governor is impacts them daily; from the minute they turn on the tap to brush their teeth, to the schools they take their kids to, to the roads they use to get to work.

Whitmer then posed for pictures with her supporters in front of the “Let’s Get it Done” tour bus before boarding and moving on to the next stop. (MK)