Sentencing has been handed down to a Brighton Township man charged with assaulting several family members in a domestic violence incident.

51-year-old Thomas Richard Webber faced a total of 13 felonies connected to the November 15th incident, including child abuse, assault with a dangerous weapon and felony firearms. He pleaded guilty earlier this month to six of the charges and prosecutors agreed to dismiss the remaining seven.

Webber was sentenced by Livingston County Circuit Court Judge Michael P. Hatty Thursday to a minimum of two years in prison on three firearms charges. He will serve that sentence prior to an additional 32 to 48 months on three charges of assault with a dangerous weapon.

Webber’s role in the domestic violence situation included allegations that he choked his wife, and then discharged several rounds from a revolver in her vicinity and that of his teenage son. The revolver was legally registered, but not to Webber.

Webber also reportedly caused minor injuries to a 67-year-old relative living in the home by way of a meat cleaver. None of the victims were seriously injured. Child Protective Services was called to investigate as Webber’s 4-year-old was present during the incident. (DK)