At a recent meeting of the township’s Board of Trustees, it was decided with a unanimous vote to increase the rates for residents in the Red Cedar Crossing and Silver Springs developments. The current sewer and water rates will each be multiplied by 4%. That equates to an added $3.53 per month per meter, or a jump from $88.36 to $91.89.

Township Supervisor Ed Alverson says the increase comes in response to the need to repair the developments' water and sewer systems, especially Red Cedar Crossing's. Among those repairs are replacing manholes and cleaning lines. The increase takes effect July 1st of this year and Alverson indicated the timing of the board’s decision was intended to give residents some notice.

Alverson says the township’s sewer fund has a structural deficit and about $200,000 to $250,000 needs to be contributed from the general fund in order to make bond payments. Township officials have begun discussing a list of priorities in 2019 for repairing or improving the municipality’s waste water treatment plant and sewer system. A capital improvement bond for the waste water treatment plant currently has a balance of just over $163,232 to be used for repairs. The money must be spent by July 13th of 2020. (DK)