The Michigan War Dog Memorial is holding a fundraising event that will help them continue to inter noble animals for free.

The Michigan War Dog Memorial in Lyon Township educates on the heroics and dedication of K-9s and provides full honor interments to the dog’s owner at no cost. Memorial President Phil Weitlauf said he’s often asked which dogs are eligible. In the beginning, the Weitlauf said the Memorial Board considered going with just military dogs, but later decided to consider any K-9 that serves and protects… For instance, they also recognize law enforcement dogs; search and rescue dogs that help find lost children or seniors who may have become confused; service dogs that give the handicapped more independence; therapy dogs that comfort the ill and elderly; and companion dogs that help give a sense of security to soldiers suffering from PTSD.

When the time comes and the dog is certified, owners can contact the War Dog Memorial for arrangements, which include a monument-style headstone. If it’s a military dog, its tattoo, or serial number, and the last unit it served on will be etched into the gravestone. Weitlauf said it is because of the generosity of the public that they can perform these ceremonies for free. To help support their cause, they are holding a fundraiser tomorrow at the South Lyon VFW from noon until 3:30. There will be a light lunch, silent auction, over 150 gift baskets, and a 45-minute presentation on war dogs and the memorial. More information on the memorial can be found online at (MK)