Livingston County voters are being encouraged to get educated and get out and vote.

Michigan Secretary of State Ruth Johnson is reminding eligible voters to cast ballots in the state’s primary election. Johnson says voters will be choosing candidates for federal, state and local offices, including governor, congressional seats and state House and Senate offices.

Johnson asks that voters take a few moments to cast a ballot on Election Day and make their voice heard. Johnson told WHMI its important registered voters get the information they need. She says don’t believe the literature circulating and advises voters do some research, which takes far more time than voting. Johnson noted that in off-year elections, only about 35% of people will vote so it’s important to take the time to do so.

Since Tuesday’s election is a primary, voters are reminded that they can only cast votes within one party. Casting votes in a partisan primary for any mix of Republican, Democratic and Libertarian candidates invalidates the partisan section of the primary ballot. Non-partisan offices and proposals will appear after the partisan section of the ballot.

Individuals are encouraged to visit the online Michigan Voter Information Center to check their voter registration status, view their sample ballot and find their polling place among other information. That link is provided. (JM)