Livingston County United Way is seeking individuals and organizations that specialize in skilled trades to volunteer for Livingston County’s largest one-day community service event.

The 18th annual Day of Caring is scheduled for Wednesday, August 7th. For the event, Livingston County United Way collects worksite proposals from local residents, seniors, schools, disabled residents and non-profit agencies. The work is often minor household repairs, home cleaning and yardwork projects that the homeowner is not able to do on their own.

The Day of Caring committee will occasionally receive project requests that require the work of volunteers specializing in a skilled trade including electricians, plumbers and carpenters. In addition, event organizers say there is always a great need for tree trimmers and individuals who specialize in mobile home skirting.

Those interested in volunteering for the Day of Caring that specializes in these areas are encouraged to contact Livingston County United Way at 810-494-3000. To register, get involved or learn more, visit the link below or call 810-494-3000. You can also email Diane Duncan, Day of Caring Coordinator at