VINA Community Dental Center is accepting applications for new patients at their clinic in Brighton for appointments in September.

In order to qualify, patients must be a resident of Livingston County, have limited income and no dental insurance. Appointments for dental care or a hygienist visit are $25. The low-cost clinic is located at 400 E. Grand River, just east of DT Brighton in front of Brighton United Methodist Church.

VINA’s mission is to provide quality, affordable dental care to Livingston County residents with limited finances and little to no access to dental care while upholding the professional standards of dentistry in a compassionate way. The dental clinic was started in 2008 as a low-cost alternative for those unable to afford dental care and insurance.

In 2018, VINA served over 1,400 patients and provided dental services totaling over $370,000. They use volunteer dentists, assistants and hygienists to augment a small part-time staff. Appointment wait time, after application approval, is as short as two weeks and shorter for emergencies.

Applications and information regarding eligibility is available at their website. A link is posted below.