April O'Neil/ news@whmi.com

The Village of Pinckney hosted its regular council meeting Monday evening to discuss revising a Fire Prevention Ordinance that has been in place since 2009.

Under the current code provision, residents are prohibited from using outdoor furnaces, boilers, and fireplaces in certain fire-regulated areas of Pinckney Village.

Similar ordinances exist in nearby municipalities which either prohibit the furnaces entirely; or bar them with the provision that allows the continued use of outdoor furnaces if they were built or existed prior to when the ordinance was adopted.

Village Attorney Dave Stoker recommended consulting with a fire chief to re-assess the best areas outdoor furnaces may be used before the Village makes any formal changes.

“The way we do it in the current ordinance is what’s there is okay, but we don’t put a lot of regulations on them. Look at these other ordinances that do allow them. They usually have setback requirements, zoning requirements, and little details like chimney height and things of that nature.”

A committee was formed to conduct more research and the Council will reconvene in two weeks.

A link to the February 13th Council Agenda can be found at the provided link.