By Ken Rogulski / Jessica Mathews /

A local veteran and his family received an extreme home makeover that resulted in a total transformation inside and out.

Veteran Connected and their community partners did their version of extreme Home Makeover in New Hudson. During their annual Adopt-a-Soldier program, the group was contacted about a veteran family in need of support.

On March 25th a platoon of volunteers showed up to help and put the family up in a local hotel during the work. New subfloors were put down, both bathrooms were rehabbed, a fresh coat of paint was done throughout, followed by cleaning and organization. A new roof and a wheelchair ramp with brick pavers were also installed.

A press release states the veteran father is an amputee and was in need of a new mobile chair, which Veterans Connected was able to acquire for him. A local resale shop provided brand new beds for the father and son, who were both said to have been sleeping on a broken down mattress on the floor prior. Through their support network, new linens and towels were provided.

Organizers say in all, over 40 volunteers gave over $20,000 in donated time and labor, to help change the family’s life for the better. Veterans Connected said because of the incredible community support they are able to continue changing lives in the community.

It’s hosting a Spring Gala May 14th and a Tip Up for Troops event June 11th at Kensington Metropark. More information is available through the provided link and attached release.