Young veterans wishing to better their lives may soon find added support in caring for their children as they pursue a degree.

The Livingston County Veterans Committee has reopened work on a new Child Care Relief Policy. At Wednesday’s night’s special meeting, the Committee discussed the course of future actions with the plan that was started last year, but never fully launched. Veterans Committee Chair Joe Riker said that typically in Livingston County they see a lot of older veterans from the Vietnam era use their services. This Child Care Relief Policy is a way to help younger veterans utilize some of the millage money. This policy could allow a parent-veteran who is struggling to make ends meet, but nurtures a desire to go back to school, help in doing so.

Riker said that it’s about helping people who want to help themselves, and with a little success, those veterans may get to a point where they can support their families and won’t need the assistance of Veterans Services. The Committee discussed details and ideas they’d like to see in finished policy. Many favored a requirement to use a licensed day care provider to avoid fraud. They also looked at how often recipients needed to come to back and reapply for assistance, and possibly show their grades to assure the Committee that they are still on the right track. The Veterans Committee made a decision to table the topic and discuss it again at their March meeting. (MK)