A local high school student is being investigated after making a verbal threat earlier this week.

Linden Superintendent Russ Ciesielski sent a letter home to parents outlining the incident that took place at Linden High School on Monday at the end of the day. The Tri-County Times says Ciesielski told parents that, “In communication with Argentine Township Police, the verbal threat was deemed non-imminent thus no lockdown of the building was conducted. Further information is continuing to be gathered. The student was detained, the proper authorities were contacted, and the student was released to parents. The situation continues to be investigated by local law enforcement.”

Argentine Township Police Chief Daniel Allen told the paper that police are investigating and more information will be available after the case is presented to the prosecutor’s office for review.

Ciesielski encouraged parents to “have an open dialogue” with their student regarding the “seriousness of making threats whether real, or perceived” adding that they take all threats seriously, and “will continue to work diligently to provide the safest learning environment possible.” (JK)