A rash of vehicle break-ins and thefts around the area have police warning people about leaving valuables in their cars. The Livingston County Sheriff’s Office has responded to multiple reports of Larcenies from Motor vehicles in the past couple weeks. Sheriff Mike Murphy said this is not a case of “car surfing,” where young kids go through a subdivision checking for unlocked cars, but rather something more unique and organized. This group is breaking in car windows to get inside. Murphy said the suspects are working southeast Michigan pretty hard. There have been reports of similar crimes having been committed in Livingston, Oakland, and Wayne Counties.

“It’s an organized group, no question about it,” Murphy said. “Quite frankly, they’re pulling into a parking lot and looking in windows. If they see something they bust a window, grab it, and they’re gone.”

On January 26th three vehicles at Hilton Elementary in Brighton Township were broken into. Three more were hit on February 3rd at the High Flyers Sports Arena in Genoa Township. Bags, purses, and personal items left in plain sight were reported as being stolen. One victim of a similar theft at a YMCA in Milford during this spree reported having 7 of her credit cards accessed by thieves at once. Murphy and the rest of the Sheriff’s Office are reminding drivers and passengers to lock their vehicles and avoid leaving valuables like wallets, electronic devices, or medication in the car. If you must, then consider securing them in the trunk or at least out of view. Murphy asked anybody with information on the robberies or who witnesses suspicious activity in a parking lot to call the Sheriff’s Office or 911. (MK)