A local lawmaker’s bill allowing more humane, safer animal euthanasia is headed to the governor’s desk.

The Michigan House on Tuesday gave final legislative approval to Republican State Representative Hank Vaupel’s bill that provides more humane options for euthanizing badly injured or sick animals. The bill would allow stronger tranquilizers to be used early in the euthanasia process to better calm and immobilize animals. Training would be required for those using the tranquilizers.

Vaupel, a long-time veterinarian from Fowlerville, said in some cases, badly injured animals can become dangerously aggressive and difficult for people to handle. He says it’s important to have options to safely and humanely restrain animals in these cases, which is in the best interests of the animals and the people handling them. Vaupel worked with the Michigan Humane Society, the Michigan Veterinary Medical Association, the Department of Agriculture and other groups while putting together the legislation.

House Bill 4813 is now headed to Governor Rick Snyder for his consideration. (JM)