A new Child Protective Services mobile app aims to protect Livingston County families.

Republican State Representative Hank Vaupel of Handy Township says the launch of a new Child Protective Services mobile application will better protect families and residents in Livingston County. The Mobile Investigator application allows Child Protective Services employees to remotely enter contact information for people interviewed during investigations and securely scan and upload documents. Vaupel says mobile applications have changed the way people live daily and the new application will help Livingston County children who may be at risk of harm and danger. He says by simply carrying a phone, Child Protective Services will have the tools to help protect families in local communities.

The Mobile Investigator application is currently on a pilot program in five counties including Livingston County. The application will be implemented statewide by February. The application is part of improvements being made to CPS after a state audit uncovered many deficiencies. In September, Governor Rick Snyder appointed a team to conduct an operational review. Improvements made since then include creating a portal to boost a supervisor's ability to verify completion of abuse and neglect investigation requirements and boosting a system so CPS caseworkers can better document steps completed in an investigation. (JM)