Despite filing months ago, a local lawmaker has publicly confirmed he is seeking re-election to the state legislature.

Republican State Rep. Hank Vaupel of Fowlerville is a second-term lawmaker who currently serves as chairman of the House Health Policy Committee. Although he officially filed for re-election January 29th to the 47th District seat, on Monday he formally announced his intent to seek a third term.

Vaupel, a veterinarian for over 40 years, was also previously the Handy Township supervisor. As a state representative, he has advanced legislation to combat the state's rising opioid crisis, improve mental health care, and increase access to resources for parents of children with spina Bifida. Vaupel said he was proud of what had been accomplished in his first two terms, and intended to work hard to represent the interests of his, “friends and neighbors in Livingston County."

He also noted the fact that during his time as state representative, he has invited community members to join him for local office hours three times a month every month, without fail, saying that the most important thing he can do is, “…listen to the people who elected (him) to stand up for their interests” and he would continue that practice if entrusted with a third term. Vaupel is being challenged by Marion Township Democrat Colleen Turk. (JK)