By Mike Kruzman /

Agencies helping assist residents facing food and shelter needs can now apply with the Livingston County United Way for grant funding.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency, or FEMA, has allocated funding from the Emergency Food and Shelter National Board Program to the Livingston County United Way. Recognizing the unique challenges the brought on by the pandemic, the local board has decided to accept applications for funds this year.

Livingston County United Way Executive Director Anne Rennie said that while these funds come in annually, this year they got a sizable increase. She told WHMI that while following the housing recession there was quite a bit of money coming in, over the past 5 or 6 years it had dipped to around $10,000. This year they are receiving more than $60,000.

$22,000 of that comes from Phase 37 Michigan Set-Aside funds, with the remainder coming from the federal CARES Act. Rennie said any agency, no matter how large or small can apply for the funds if they meet the guidelines. The purpose of FEMA funds is to support emergency food and shelter programs, which includes allowable expenses for shelter, rent, mortgage, utility assistance, and COVID-19 needs, according to a release. Funding can also be used for eviction diversion and helping people transition from homeless shelters to stable housing.

Rennie cautioned that because it is a federal grant application that it can be quite extensive and daunting. The United Way has set up links to documents that can better help assist applicants through the process. Applications are due September 18th, will be reviewed the week of September 21st, and winners should be announced by September 25th.

For application help, visit:

Phase 35 Manual -

Phase 36 Addendum -

Phase 37 and CARES Addendum -

Further information or help can be sought by contacting Rennie by email at, or by calling (810) 494-3000.