More than a decade after a historic Linden building burned down, a groundbreaking is planned for a new development.

The Union Block in downtown Linden, which was built in the 1870’s, was destroyed by a fire roughly eleven years ago. Last May, the Linden Planning Commission approved a final site plan that will bring business and residents back to the parcel owned by Nicole Wax of Wax Orthodontics. Revised plans were later submitted and approved to address the Planning Commission’s conditions. Additional amendments making other changes were approved at a November meeting. It was noted that construction groundbreaking is expected in March. Those involved with the project are also working with the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality to install a vapor mitigation system related to past issues from a neighboring gas station.

As for the project, the two story building will host Wax’s practice and two other unnamed tenants. The mixed-use building will offer nearly 15,000 square feet of space over 2-stories, on the near half-acre plot. It will include a 23-space parking lot that be accessed by North Bridge Street. Sidewalk, utility and landscaping improvements will also be made and an ADA and loading ramp will tie into the sidewalk. (JM)