Athletic programs, comprised of students both with and without intellectual disabilities, have been launched at Howell High School.

Two Special Olympics Unified Champion Schools (UCS) athletic programs are now a part of the high school, with an inaugural game to be held this Wednesday. UCS is an inclusive athletic program that brings students with and without intellectual disabilities together to compete as a team.

The high school’s two programs are a basketball team and a pompon squad. The basketball team will hold its first home game on Wednesday at 5:30 p.m. in the Howell High School Fieldhouse. There is no admission charge for the game.

USC athletic programs provide opportunities for students to build character, develop leadership skills, promote inclusion and acceptance, and enhance the school community. The programs also help promote social skills and build lasting friendships.

This is the first year that Howell High School is participating in the UCS program. Both of Howell’s middle schools currently participate in the middle school UCS program. Hartland High School and Brighton High School both have Unified basketball teams as well.