By Jessica Mathews /

The Tyrone Township Board approved the 2022-2023 budget at Tuesday night’s meeting.

Supervisor Mike Cunningham delivered a budget presentation prior to a public hearing and approvals, which was prefaced with the statement that COVID-19 is still here. It was reported that there was a slight increase in revenue sharing and the township received its first payment of federal pandemic-related funding in the amount of $554,000. The township is still working to determine what projects could be eligible for the funds.

A recap of events for the past year was provided. Some included road projects and a right-of-way tree cutting program, work on ordinances to improve quality and completed replacement of old furnaces and AC units at the township hall. The 20-year sewer plan was updated and the township will not need to loan any money from the general fund. As for departmental budgets, it was stated there was no significant increase over last year.

In addition to approving the budget, the board also approved a resolution to establish the Headlee operating tax millage rate. Cunningham said it’s something they have to pass every year, can levy up to .9018 mills, but by law they cannot exceed that amount. He noted the rate has decreased every year since 2012 from .967 to.8625 so it will be somewhere at .8625-mills immediately.

It was noted the township has been able to maintain a budget surplus since 2010, which is allocated to the road and building funds. The estimated surplus from last year is $285,000. Work was also initiated on a revision of the master plan, and it was stated work on that will really be intensifying this year.

Some stated challenges were that revenue sharing from the state is uncertain for next year. Others included future needs and a continued review of all services and expenses.

The budget presentation can be viewed in the board packet. A link is provided.