Tyrone Township have passed a trio of zoning amendments affecting marijuana facilities, solar energy farms, and submerged land.

The Board of Trustees approved the amendments at their meeting Tuesday night. Tyrone Township had already opted out of allowing recreational marijuana facilities on the regulatory level, and now has done so from a zoning standpoint, as well. At joint meeting between the board and Planning Commission last month, officials noted that if in the future they decide to allow facilities, they can do so by amending this zoning ordinance. Township Supervisor Mike Cunnigham said they’re still waiting for concrete details from the state, and until they get them, Tyrone Township doesn’t want to be their guinea pig.

The board also approved an amendment that adds a definition for “submerged land” and disallows land under water from being used in area measurements for land splits. Cunningham said they had an incident where a property owner tried splitting submerged land. This amendment should make it more clear what is eligible for a split.

And finally, trustees voted to allow utility-scale solar energy farms. The township has been approached with interest by utility companies inquiring about establishing solar farm, and this amendment sets restrictions, screening requirements. They will be limited to Farming and Planned Industrial Research and Office zones. Trustee David Walker abstained from the vote, leaving the room during discussion and voting, stating that he had potential interest in a solar farm on farm property he owns.(MK)