Voters in one local township may soon have a say on whether or not they are interested in a one-waste-hauler future.

At Tuesday night’s regular meeting of the Tyrone Township Board of Trustees, officials discussed this possibility that could help them extend the life of their roads. The Board has been working with the Livingston County Road Commission and has spent hundreds of thousands while taking part in the Primary Pavement Preservation Project over the past few years.

Tyrone Township Supervisor Mike Cunningham said that people like having the freedom of choice with hauling, but with this money being invested, extending the longevity of the roads by reducing the number of haulers is worth looking at. Cunningham noted a growing undercurrent with residents to do so. He said that between what they’ve heard from residents and what they’ve learned from a 2013 township study, the Board feels that maybe it is time to put it on the ballot for the residents to decide upon by vote. This issue has additionally come up as recently as the Board’s January 15th meeting,where residents from the Laurel Springs subdivision spoke of a growing desire to move from 4 haulers down to 1 as they are preparing to improve upon a mile of road for the first time in 45 years.

In that study Cunningham mentioned, 55% of Tyrone Township residents were interested in a single hauler. 30% were against it, and 15% were undecided. Trustee David Walker was in agreement with the rest of Board and said that in this case they should give the “power to the people…and if they say no, they say no.” The Board of Trustees will now begin to look at having ballot language prepared to be presented to residents on a future election day. (MK)