By Mike Kruzman /

Residents in Tyrone Township may be seeing trees marked for removal in an effort to keep power lines clear.

In a letter to the township and its residents, Forester Kevin Suozzi of Consumers Energy writes that in order to provide safe and reliable electric service, from time to time they need to trim or remove trees. Their planner is now going through the process of identifying which trees will be affected. T

rees that need to be trimmed will be marked with a blue dot, and trees that need to be removed within the right-of-way will be marked with a blue “X.” Trees outside of the right-of-way-that need to be removed will get a blue “A.” Small brush may also be cleared, but might not necessarily be marked. In lawn areas, small branches will be chipped and removed from the property. Larger branches and wood will be cut into manageable sections and left. Any stumps that remain may be treated to prevent regrowth.

This work is covered under the electricity rate and will not cost homeowners anything. Nelson Tree Service has been contracted to do the work. Property owners affected by this service will be notified in person, by phone, by mail, or by a door hanger.

For further questions, call (810) 429-7408, or visit www.Consumers

See the letter to the township attached below.