By Mike Kruzman /

Tyrone Township officials are prepared to take a pair of property owners to court over violations of the beautification ordinance with unsafe structures.

The Board of Trustees, at their latest meeting, voted unanimously in favor of bringing the owners of 8101 Old US-23 and 11451 Old US-23 before a judge.

At 8101, the Livingston County Building Department found it to be in violation of the county’s Housing and Property Code in October of 2019. Tyrone Township Supervisor Mike Cunningham said that the back half of the building has been collapsed, with the property then being condemned. He reported the owner is continuing to sell used automobiles out front. The township last heard from the owner’s family in October of 2020.

At the second property, there were noted as being several buildings in disrepair on what is old farmland. Cunningham said that teenagers have been in there doing teenager things. The township was assured in December of 2019 that the houses would be demolished, but then the owner stopped responding. In June, the Building Department deemed 9 of the 10 structures to be unsafe.