By Jessica Mathews /

Tyrone Township has appointed a new clerk who is expected to be able to hit the ground running.

At a recent Board of Trustees meeting, members voted to appoint Pam Moughler to the position. It was left vacant with the resignation of Clerk Marcie Husted, who is retiring. The board legally had 45 days from date of the resignation to make an appointment and it was stated that applications were received from four candidates and meetings were held with each.

Supervisor Mike Cunningham commented that policy permits the supervisor and/or board to appoint a sub-committee to conduct interviews or make recommendations for appointment. He stated the township has two elections coming up and work needs to get started right away, adding he felt Moughler was the one candidate who was quite leveraged to become the next clerk based on her experience.

It was noted during the meeting that none of the other applicants had previous election experience.

Moughler has worked the last two elections in different capacities and was said to be very familiar with how things operate. She’s been an election inspector for many years and is currently a precinct chair at a church location.

It was stated that the biggest responsibility of the clerk is handling elections, which can bring a lot of stress, and Moughler fielded various questions from the board. Moughler said there’s a lot of action on Election Day and she works to make sure everything moves smoothly and explained her various roles and duties, as well as interactions with voters.

One question was posed about concerns raised in 2020 about the integrity of election results and how she’ll ensure the township and voters have a fair election.

Moughler said what she feels is most important is being transparent and explaining how things work to voters. During that election cycle, she said there were several voters who were sent to her by election inspectors that did have concerns but she found that once she explained the whole process to them step by step, there were no longer any concerns and she’ll continue that practice.

Husted’s last day will be March 15th and Moughler will take over on the 16th. Per statute to retain the seat, she’ll need to run in the August 2nd Primary and the November 8th General Election.