By Mike Kruzman /

A major amendment to a site plan requested by a Tyrone Township business has been tabled as the planning commission seeks more clarity on a couple subjects.

Gerry and Laura Durocher run an open storage contractor yard on a portion of property at 7079 Old US-23. Having seen some success, the Durocher’s are looking to expand the business into the unused portion. They requested what was deemed to be a major amendment of a special land use and site plan. Their proposed expansion won’t add any new buildings, but it will move operations into the wooded, western portion of the property.

The biggest area of question that the planning commission had was the issue of whether or not the newly proposed drive needs to be paved, or if it could be made to be gravel, as proposed by the applicant. The planner’s note to the planning commission states that the commission could normally grant a waiver to allow gravel, but specific standards for open storage yards require all driveways, loading areas, and staging areas to be paved. The drive for the already-existing business on the property does not conform to this, leading to questions on why that was allowed or if it was something that slipped through the cracks. Planning Consultant Zach Michels said there were really 3 options: require the Durocher’s to pave the new drive, continue to search for options that would allow a waiver, or to begin a zoning text amendment.

In discussing the matter with the Durocher’s representative, both sides expressed being open to consider paving a portion of the drive from the road.

The planning commission also asked for more information on what materials were going to be stored in the new section.

The planning commission tabled the site plan amendment to explore these options more deeply.