Officials in one local township are getting an $8,000 raise for the upcoming budget year.

The Tyrone Township Board of Trustees voted on new salaries at their regular meeting, Tuesday night. Township Supervisor Mike Cunningham said they appointed a salary committee to get a better gauge on what officials in similar communities are making. Cunningham said the township had been in rough times in the past and had not had salary increases for quite some time until recently. He said the salary committee still found that they were behind municipalities of similar size and make-up, and have come up with a number and recommendation.

The number they came up with for the Supervisor, Treasurer, and Clerk for 2018-19 was an even $43,000. This is up from $34,839 last year. Trustees were recommended for $205.82 per meeting. This is up from $164.66 last year. The votes for the Supervisor, Treasurer, and Clerk all passed separately, 6-1, with Treasurer Marcie Husted voting against it in all three. The vote for Trustees passed 4-3, with Husted, and Trustees Al Pool and David Walker dissenting. (MK)