By Mike Kruzman /

The Tyrone Township Planning Commission held a review on a proposed mini-warehouse storage facility.

Planning Commissioners, at their meeting Tuesday, met with applicant Brendan Foster. Foster is seeking to construct a mini-warehouse facility at the southwest corner of Old US-23 and Faussett Road, in the planned commercial industrial district. The development would consist of 115 individual units across 7 buildings on the 9.5-acre site. The units will be condominium units, which means that individuals will own the space, rather than renting it. Units will measure roughly 770-square-feet by 820-square feet, each with a private powder room. The units will be designated for storage only.

Foster is currently seeking special land use and combined preliminary and final site plan approval for the project. Planning Commissioners went through the review provided by their planning consultant making comments, asking questions, and seeking clarifications on several items. Steve Krause was concerned about the two units facing Fausett Road and how the buildings could be made to look less distracting to residents. Ideas for this included adding windows to the building and garage doors, or painting the bottom portion a different color.

There were also concerns about landscaping and how it will be maintained. Foster said that would be likely be handled by the homeowner’s association. It was also discussed how this is possibly covered by the township’s ordinance. Commissioner and Board Liaison Kurt Schultz noted that the development is commercial and not residential, and at an entry point to the township. The commission also wanted to make certain there was ample turning radius for emergency vehicles and more information on how parking on the site will work.

No formal action was given at the meeting.